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UX research matches studies and research methods aimed at understanding and studying the needs of users / consumers. This research stage makes it possible to evaluate, test and detect new uses and understand how answer them to ultimately improve the user experience.

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Why do we need UX Research?

When you don't know how and where your product can be better for your users.

Because you want to know more about the workflow inside your company.

When your major features are not used by your users.

Because you need to test an idea or a Market.

When you need to get more informations about your user expectations and their needs.

Because you want to onboard your users into your Product Strategy.

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The results of UX Research


Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text


If a website is not compliant for mobile devices, only 50% of users will use it, although the service might satisfy them


52% of users recognized a disappointed mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with a business


Amazon Boosts Sales By $ 300 Million After Changing Button Text From "Save" To "Continue"

Our UX Research Way

To analyse and improve a user experience, we deploy a whole arsenal of customizable tools and methodologies.


Understand your targets and their needs to guide the project and its design

Users Observations

Observer les utilisateurs en conditions réelles pour comprendre le contexte d’utilisation

User Interviews

Identify user understanding of an existing product

Users Tests

Confort your ideas and get the last feedbacks to be ready

We improve their products

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