UX design: How user experience can change everything for a business?

UX design (user experience) included the design processes, methodologies and skills implemented in order to build the best possible experience for users. It can be a navigation, mobile or purely physical experience, it must be thought of as a whole.

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UX design... What for ?

You want to stand out from your competition

To provide to your client all the features their need

You want to help your users to achieve their goals

To audit your workflow and to know how you can to optimize it

You want to have a clear vision of all your User journey

To build your first prototype

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UX design VS UI design

Often confused with UI Design, UI design is “limited” to graphic design. The notions of brand identity are absent from UX design.

UX design will allow you to identify and crystallize all your ideas, your vision into factual and prioritized elements.
The UI design will allow you to add your identity brand and codes to designed the all experience.

The UX Design Results


of time less to develop your product.


Evernote increased of 15% their retention rates after a UX Design step.


is the benefits for Airbnb by using a UX Design Methodology.

How to make it properly?

To design the best possible User Experience, le Backyard uses and designs methodologies adapted to project challenges.


More than 10 adaptables workshops to design a new product.

UX Audit

Audit your interfaces and user Journey to remove all the "Pains points."


To Build and test quickly a prototype


To write all features specifications on a backlog and to define the right perimeter.

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