UI design : More than look and Feel

UI Design is the reflect of your brand identify on your each sigle Product interfaces.
These interfaces must be designed according to a number of rules and can in some cases become a brand differentiator.

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UI design... What for ?

Love at first Sight ! You need to be recognizable and good looking.

To have an overview of your digital ecosystem and scale it.

Your interfaces need to be conform to W3C standards and respect accessibility guidelines.

To show to your team how to build your product.

To define your potential responsive issues (desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

Users want an "end user Product" and not just a prototype.

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UI design VS UX design

During the UI design phase our team design mockups of your website, mobile application or software. This is the time to talk about your brand identity and how it will be applied to your interfaces.

The outcome of UI design


This is you your new target of conversion rates thanks to a new Experience.


There are more of 400 million active websites so you will need to be special and unique.


of users will remember of your brand after a good UI.

Our way to do UI Design

To build the best digital Product, Le Backyard produces and uses methodologies adapted to your ambitions.

Accessibility criterias

These criteria are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is the funder of HTML and CSS.

Prototype design

Building a prototype with your brand identity allows you to have a concrete product to show your users, decision-makers, ...

Design System

A design guide, a library of components, a global brand charter? The design system is all of this at the same time.


This is "Fine Tuning". In order to give a nice touch and stimulate your product, we add some small animated Design.

We do UI design for

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