Build your own business software

Building a business software / application allows you to manage all or part of your organization while respecting your workflow. A business application allows your teams and employees to focus on the essential: their expertise.

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Why do you need to build a business software?

To increase the productivity of your team

To promote your brand and value your company

To Automate and industrialize business processes

To Follow and track each event into your company

To Increase the quality of your service or your product

Centralize informations and exchanges

Rethink your organization

How to make a business software properly?

1.Discover and Understand  

Define your current processes and define what is working what we can remove, improve and digitalize.


Build the user journey and user flow through your new workflow. We remove all the "pain points"

3.Best practices

Testing the workflow with your users to be sure about the good fitting. We need to be focus on universal acceptance of the software.


It's time to build your product.

The digital transition is disrupting the activity and organization of companies

How to start the transition? Let's talk about it

What do they think of us

Nicolas, operations manager - industrial SME

We used files under Excel, inefficient or comfortable. The developed application has succeeded in creating a system that gives more visibility to our employees.

Before / After

Real Use Cases

For a decade, we are sharping our expertise to bring ever more value to our customers.

Recasting of an industrial performance SaaS Software

• A product widely implemented in all French nuclear power plants

• User journeys in full integration with business processes

•Adaptation of the software for new activities

Building of a professional secured loan submission Software

• An appreciated product and full adhesion by the all team

• Better understand of the workflow and processes by the all team

• Gain new market shares

Building of a Real Estate Promotion Software

• Reduction in delays on real estate projects

• Deployed on all Vinci Immobilier group projects

• Reduced processing time for administrative tasks

Let's talk about your goals

We provide Products and Results

Design thinking from your team

We have a significantly reduced margin of error. That is a 30% savings in development costs compared to a normal design (average per project)

Adhesion 100%  for your team

Your teams must take ownership of the tool and use it in a natural way by becoming aware of its positive results on their work

A significant competitive asset

A significant competitive advantage (taking market share). An additional working comfort and a commercial asset to save time in your daily actions to be more efficient with your customers

A Lifer time product

Your software matches to your processes and can be update and upgrade easily.

Ready to launch your software?

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