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Building a mobile application create a new direct communication channel with your employees / customers / users. Expert in design and development of mobile apps, our agency give you the keys.

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Reward: Best mobile app in Energy apps in France
Reward: Best mobile app in bank apps in France

Why to create a mobile app?

To provide a new mobile experience

To increase the relationship with your consumer / collaborator / provider

To promote your brand and give you a new support

To Notify your users

To create a new service or a new product

To share and report anywhere / anytime

Build my mobile application

How to make a mobile app properly?

1. Frame your project

Identity the need of your user and customer in order to define the perimeter of your project.

2. Design the user experience (UX Design)

Build the user journey and a prototype to define and test your new mobile experience.

3. Design your mobile app (UI Design)

Define a mobile app identity according to your brand book

4. Build

We build your mobile application through a clear process:
Build / Test/ Confirm / Push on IOS and android Market

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Fast, reliable and efficient Technology

Our engineers are expert in a native hybrid technology : React native

React Native is a framework developed by the Facebook teams since 2015. This technology is now the best on the market. It's fast, efficient and reliable.

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Why choose React Native?

The advantages of React Native are various:

- Available on iOS and Android stores
- Low maintenance
- One team / One app / Two stores (IOS/android)
- Native experience and great performance

What do they think of us

Sarah, Founder

I felt a real desire to support the client, to take the time to explain and train

Olivier P, Managing Director - Lafaaac

The agency contributed to the redesign of our e-commerce site in order to optimize the purchasing channel

Olivier, Product Manager, Start up énergie

I was able to see clearly where my conversion problems were coming from, the advice of the team helped me to correct the subscription funnel

Charlotte, Customer Experience Manager

I needed outside experts to justify, argue and put into words the problems of our courses. We are very happy with the result

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We made their Mobile app

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