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Investing in UX: what are the benefits?

Thomas Huber

December 23, 2020

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In a time of the profusion and diversification of mobile applications and digital platforms, UX as a design design method has conquered a variety of professional fields emphasizing the critical importance of user experience. Now, investing in UX has become an essential step for optimizing operations and the innovative profitability of a company. Translated from the English User Experience (UX), this approach in the design of digital projects is representative of the new user processes brought about by the digital revolution in the development of interactive products and services transforming customer use. Why invest in UX and what are the benefits? UX has today become an essential approach to the ideation and innovation processes of digital products and services essential to a company's competitiveness.

UX: a design centered on the user and his experience

When we talk about user experience, we focus on the process of an individual's use of a given product or service. A global concept, UX thus makes it possible to consider the user system and the various obstacles and opportunities emerging, while allowing the adaptation and refinement of a business strategy in the design process. From the idea of ​​a product to its distribution, the UX method is an indispensable tool in the design and definition of user processes and which is entirely based on the evaluated user experience. During the process, UX designers will use devices such as the Blueprint service or the Customer Journey to achieve optimal user satisfaction when interacting with the interface being created.

A comprehensive and multidimensional approach

Based on atomic design and design thinking approaches that emphasize an economy of experience rather than utilitarian technology, UX design of relevant products and services is now based on experiential marketing. Thus, UX is part of a context where experience takes precedence over the very function of technology, and therefore wants to be a more global approach bringing together under its yoke multidimensional dynamics: strategy, research and analysis of technology. user, design then distribution. So, UX is simply about fostering user confidence in a particular brand, service or product. Focusing on the user experience thus ensures that the company enjoys customer loyalty that is more substantial than the usefulness of the product itself.

The golden rules of UX design

The applications of the UX method can be just as diverse as the different businesses and departments in which they are used. However, general principles emerge:

  • Prioritize the simplicity and intuitiveness of the product / service to offer a more interactive experience for the customer
  • Provide clear information and thus encourage user confidence and the legitimacy of the company
  • Do not underestimate user tests because it is during this essential process that we will realize potential obstacles to use and that an opportunity will appear to improve the design
  • Encourage ideation by invoking a diversity of collaborators at the within the design project, and rely on user feedback as a viable and essential source of information

The benefits of UX design

Beyond its simple and directive processes entirely focused on the user, a UX approach in the company is a sure source to make it more competitive. Indeed, having an original site or a personalized digital service is now common in professional ecosystems. In order to ensure competition, customer loyalty through its user interaction is now an essential device: the UX will thus play the role of loyalty by improving the user-friendliness of the interface and optimized interaction. Such an interface will only attract a growing number of users and therefore customers attracted by a product / service in their image. Finally, UX design will also simplify upstream business operations and further optimize design and ideation processes, which are therefore more efficient and relevant.

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